Hello heroes!


Since Hero Academy 2’s launch in January we’ve had quite a few people lose their account progress due to not registering for a Robot Entertainment account. This happens when you uninstall the game, lose your phone, etc. We wanted to reach out and tell you that your account can likely be recovered and to continue to encourage all of you to register your accounts so your data is safe.


Here’s what you can do if you lost your account progress:

  1. Put in a ticket here explaining what happened: https://support.robotentertainment.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
    1. If you’ve never sent in a ticket to us before, please be aware that your ticket will NOT be sent to us until you receive a “Welcome” email from Support@RobotEntertainment.com.
  2. Once you receive the “Welcome” email, click the link inside to verify your email address.
    1. This email is likely to go straight to your Spam folder, so please double check before putting in more tickets.


If you are unable to submit a ticket for any reason, we are still able to assist you directly. Please send an email to Support@RobotEntertainment.com with information such as:


  • 1) What was your HA2 username and approximate account level?
  • 2) How much approximate Gold, Gems, or Inks did you have on your account?
  • 3) When did you create your account?
  • 4) Have you made any purchases, or can you recall your most recent in-game purchase?
  • 5) Can you recall the names of any Decks you built?


We will do everything within our power to restore any lost account and register it for any impacted players as quickly as possible.


Thank you,

Robot Entertainment Support Team