Hero Academy 2 offers a Crafting system which allows players to create new cards using Inks. Players can Craft a specific Card using Ink, even if they do not yet have the Card in their inventory.

There are five different card rarities in Hero Academy 2: Basic (white), Rare (green), Fantastic (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (yellow). Rarer cards cost more Ink they require to craft, but they also provide more resources when disenchanted (more on that below!).


Inks are used to Craft cards and can be obtained by Disenchanting excess cards, by Completing Challenges or Campaigns, through completing Duel Chests, or Small Crates which may be opened once every 4 hours. Players can Craft cards that they do not yet have in their possession, but cannot Craft cards granted as Rewards, which are distinguished with a glowing border.

Disenchanting excess cards is the most common way to earn Inks. Disenchanting does not remove usable cards from a player’s inventory or decks. Disenchanting will take all cards possessed in excess of their ‘capped’ number and exchange those extra copies for inks. The number of inks received in exchange depends on the card quantity and rarity. Inks can then be used to create or craft a new card. 

All excess cards are disenchanted together in one exchange. When disenchanting cards in the crafting menu, the card rarity will be displayed with the number of inks received in return per card rarity value, plus the total amount of inks credited to the player. 


How to Craft a card:

Under the Main menu, the ‘Crafting’ option is located on the right-hand side.

When selecting ‘Crafting,’ this will direct the player to the ‘All Cards’ page. Here, a player can review their entire card collection. All cards are located here, regardless of if they are in a player’s inventory or not.

As the entire collection is located here, a player can filter results by selecting the upside-down cone shaped button located near the top right corner. Players may filter Cards to choose from by Name, details, House, Rarity, Mana cost, and more.

Once a player determines a card they would like to Craft, they can simply select it in the All Card’s page. This will pull up the Card’s details and the Craft Card option.

This will create a pop-up window which shows the player the amount of Ink required to create that specific card, with the green button to ‘Craft Card.’

Players may also Craft a specific card by selecting the Cards option on the left-hand side from the Main menu and then choosing a specific House or Faction the desired card belongs to. Players can navigate through available cards here and select a desired card to Craft.

Crafting yields instant rewards and once the green Craft button is selected the player will immediately see the reward screen indicating the Crafted card is now available in their inventory!


Were you taking notes? No? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

  • Turn extra cards into inks by disenchanting them.
  • Turn inks into new cards.
  • Instantly craft by picking a specific card.
  • Disenchanted cards still count towards progress for earning other rewards, such as gold vanity skins, so you lose nothing by turning them into inks!
  • Players can craft any card that is earned through packs. This excludes “reward cards” that have a glowing border and are presented in the top row of each house. 

That’s all, Captains. Class is dismissed!