Getting to Know the Council House in Hero Academy 2!

Council is a house built around buffs and gear. Their arsenal of melee and ranged units become beastly opponents if allowed to gear up! Many of the council heroes also have armor, an additional bit of protection that works similarly to health but replenishes at the beginning of each new round.

The Council also has powerful heroes like Sir Baldric who have auras. Auras are unique abilities that buff allies on each adjacent tile.

Strengths: On top of armored units and numerous weapon spells, the Council has many powers and spells that allow the player to heal damaged or poisoned heroes such as medic, as well as ways to revive KO’d heroes. These restorative abilities can make for a nasty counter to powerful enemy skills so use them wisely and keep the possibility of your opponent using them in the back of your head if you’re playing against the Council!

Weaknesses: Many Council heroes are weak when first summoned and only reach their full potential once they have been equipped with a weapon and a spell or two. The mana cost for a hero such as Bow Maiden might be quite low but you also have to keep in mind that she only has 1 attack power and 2 health, so you will likely need a bit more mana to empower her with Arcane Bow or a weapon spell for her to become really useful. If you summon her but don’t have enough mana left to strengthen her before the next round, your opponent may kill her before she can do any damage.

Council Powers

Council decks are often highly specialized due to the way weapon spells work and serve a specific purpose or follow a certain goal. Keep this in mind when trying to pick the right powers for a new deck.

Medic: Heal hero for 1 health

Medic doesn’t just recover a hero’s health, it also removes poison, which makes it the perfect countermeasure against many Dark Elf decks! There are also heroes like Tongue Bucket that profit doubly by gaining power from healed allies. Play around with the ability to find different combinations!

Enchant Sword: SWORD hero gains +1 attack

This power will help you utilize the many different sword heroes available to the Council and maximize their effect. Even low mana cost, weaker heroes can turn into a real threat if they are buffed with Enchant Sword. Unlike unique weapons, this power and other weapon enchantments can stack multiple times on the same unit!

Enchant Hammer: HAMMER hero gains +1 attack

This power works the same as Enchant Sword, the difference being that it buffs hammer heroes instead. A special property of hammer heroes is smash, which causes extra damage to immobile targets. By buffing these powerful heroes with Enchant Hammer they will be dangerous to buildings and crystals as well as stunned or rooted heroes!

Enchant Bow: BOW hero gains +1 attack power

This is the third Council power that can buff hero attack power. With it, you can buff an army of ranged heroes to rain damage on your enemy and their crystals.

Enchant Staff: STAFF hero gains +1 attack power

Use Arcane Staff to buff your staff heroes and make their already powerful chain attacks even more dangerous for your enemy. Combine this with cards like Rune Writer that gives +1 chain to your hero and your mages will be unstoppable!

Dent Remover: Power that recovers hero’s armor

While armor does recover on its own at the beginning of your new round, with the help of the Dent Remover a hero can attack the enemy and instantly gain back any armor lost during an opposing hero’s revenge attacks to keep a hero extra safe.

Amorous Armorer: Passive power heal ally heroes for 2 health when you equip an ally with a custom weapon

Given the Council’s huge arsenal of Weapons, this power can be amazing in combination with the right deck. Use weapon cards to buff a hero and heal your entire team at the same time. Combine this with the Tongue Bucket that gains extra Attack Power every time one of its allies is healed and you’ll become unstoppable!

Book Smart: Draw 2 Cards

While the Council’s Weapons can be quite powerful, they won’t help you if you are unlucky and don’t draw them at the right moment. With the help of Book Smart, give your luck a nudge in the right direction by drawing two additional random cards from your deck.

Powerful Council Combinations

We have talked a lot about the Council’s weapon cards, but those are not the only powerful tool available to the Council and there are many possible combinations to explore and build upon. Let’s take a look at a few useful combinations for inspiration!

Three Musketeers will draw 3 random sword heroes and reduce their mana cost by 2. With a little bit of luck you’ll be able to summon a powerful hero at a reduced cost. In fact, any sword hero in the game can be drawn with this card, including Dark Elf or Warden sword heroes!

Combine any of the sword heroes you draw with Three Musketeers with Sword and Shield or the Enchant Sword power to make them truly unstoppable.

Smelling Salts brings back a KO’d hero. This is a useful tool for keeping valuable heroes on the board. In combination with eulogy heroes such as Pride Protector, reviving can also be used to trigger a eulogy power more than once! Experiment with different eulogy heroes to find your favorite combination.

When playing against a Council opponent, remember to stomp on KO’d heroes to prevent their revival or risk the consequences!

Smithy has an extremely powerful fanfare: he gives all allies 1 armor. Hammer heroes with armor are extremely rare and in addition to buffing himself, using Smithy in combination with other hammer heroes such as Enforcer can give you a deck with the usual destructive power from smash and the added defensive potential more commonly found among sword heroes.

Combine this with Dent Remover to keep refreshing your defense after attacking and your enemy will struggle to come up with an effective counter strategy!

Hammer Lord will summon a random hammer hero and buff it with +2 attack power. Use this on the right tile and combine it with Mighty Grip to instantly deal a massive amount of damage to one of your enemy’s buildings or crystals!

Because a freshly summoned hero has 1 action point and utilizing Mighty Grip to move said hero will not use up the action point, you get to summon the hero, move it to the target location and attack all in the same round, making it impossible for your enemy to avoid the incoming damage!

Combine Mighty Grip with different hammer heroes and surprise your enemy.

Forging a Council Deck

Those are the basics of Council gameplay. Let’s use these to build a few different deck concepts!

Deck 1: Why so Edgy

  • PowersEnchant Sword, Dent Remover
  • Essential HeroesSir Baldric, King Bastionne
  • Essential Spells Sword and Shield, Thrust and Parry

Strengths: This combination is all about buffing attack power with Sir Baldric’s aura and the Kingmaker from King Bastionne’s eulogy and keeping the buffed heroes at the top of their game after attacking and taking revenge damage with the help of Dent Remover.

Both Sir Baldric and King Bastionne are versatile and make an excellent addition to any sword deck.

Weaknesses: Many sword heroes have relatively few health points and rely on their armor to stay in play. This makes them extremely vulnerable to pierce, a type of damage that circumvents armor. Buffing heroes too much can also leave them vulnerable to cards designed to take out the strongest heroes, like Giant Slayer or Wreckless.

Strategy: The most important thing when using this combination in a deck is to keep Sir Baldric alive to make full use of his aura for as long as possible. Make sure to keep him out of harm's way and think carefully before using him to attack other melee heroes to make sure he doesn’t die to revenge damage.

Make liberal use of Dent Remover, and if possible, place the heroes utilizing Sir Baldric’s aura in a way that will prevent the enemy heroes from getting close enough to attack him.

If King Bastionne is also in your deck, add cards like Smelling Salts that will allow you to revive him and use his eulogy multiple times. Kingmaker is an extremely powerful weapon card so the more we get, the better!

Secret move: Surprise your opponent by buffing your sword heroes and using Thrust and Parry to move them into range for surprise crystal attacks!


Deck 2: Smash! Bash! Crush!

  • Powers: Medic, Enchant Hammer
  • Essential Heroes: Enforcer, Smithy
  • Essential Spells: Push Forward, Mighty Grip

Strengths: Thanks to hammer heroes’ smash ability, any decks that utilize them have an extremely easy time destroying enemy crystals or buildings. With hammer heroes in either of the participating teams, the tide of the match can turn either way rapidly.

Weaknesses: While hammer heroes are extremely strong against crystals and buildings, it can sometimes be tricky to reach them. If your enemy has mobile units or ranged heroes it can become almost impossible to utilize smash to its full potential. Keep this in mind when building your deck and make sure to supplement the Hammer heroes with a few cards that can deal with such threats.

Strategy: For our suggested deck, we use Enforcer, a very tough hammer hero as a basis and try to keep him alive and well for as long as possible by using Smithy’s fanfare to add armor and the Medic power. If we can move him next to our enemy’s crystal and keep him safe, the match is as good as won!

Secret move: Did your enemy summon some particularly irritating foe? Use a hero with Root or Stun to immobilize the foe and quickly dispatch it with the help of the bonus damage supplied by your hammer hero’s smash!


Deck 3: On Point

  • Powers: Medic, Enchant Bow
  • Essential Heroes: Cobalt Queen, Longshot Archer
  • Essential Spells: Volley, Nimble, Courage Potion

Strengths: This deck has very high mobility and utilizes ranged units, which can be extremely difficult for your opponent to deal with and require very little planning to unleash their full potential in comparison to other types of units.

Weaknesses: While ranged units have amazing offensive potential, they are very weak in close quarters. Make sure to keep them at a safe distance at all costs or the match will be lost very quickly!

The strategy: At the core of this deck lies Longshot Archer, who is nearly impossible to kill for any enemy hero unless they have just the right spell to counter his extremely wide range. Since his attack power is quite low, summon Cobalt Queen or use spells like Courage Potion to increase his strength and destroy the enemy army and their crystal from afar!

Secret move: Summon Attackifier to buff all of your heroes with +1 attack. Once you have a few archers at your disposal, they will be able to kill any enemy before they can get close enough to destroy the building. Use Volley for an extra evil surprise attack or to get your units to safety after they’ve attacked!


Deck 4: Chain Reaction

  • Powers: Enchant Staff
  • Essential Heroes: Magister Alberic, Icestone Magus
  • Essential Spells: Angelic Blessing, Pokey Scepter

Strengths: Thanks to their Chain damage, Staff heroes are an absolute menace when it comes to offense. Once you’ve been able to establish and buff a few staff heroes, your enemy will struggle trying to advance or even survive.

Weaknesses: Similar to Archers, Staff heroes are quite weak against mobile units and can quickly get overwhelmed by even the smallest melee heroes once they get close enough. Make sure to keep them at a safe distance at all times!

The strategy: Keep Magister Alberic alive to buff Icestone Magus with the help of his aura. Even though staff heroes are usually weak at close range, Icestone Magus has renew. Renew means that if he gets KO’d during an enemy’s turn, he will automatically revive at the start of your next turn if not stomped or otherwise removed by your opponent. Do not lose him in your turn, or he will not renew.

If the enemy ever manages to KO Magister Alberic, use Smelling Salts to revive him or, if available, utilize Angelic Blessing to revive him and buff his defenses.

Secret move: Use Fully Staffed on one of your staff heroes buffed by Magister Alberic’s aura to unleash a torrent of destruction!

How to play against Council

The main things to watch out for when playing against Council decks are their buffs, their healing potential, and their ability to revive KO’d heroes.

To counter their buffs, make sure you dispatch enemy heroes quickly so they cannot significantly increase attack power, health, or armor. If a Council hero does get too powerful, use Fist of the GodsWreckless or Acid Influx to clear them off the board or utilize a hero with cleanse such as Belladonna to reset their stats and get another chance at killing them in their original state.

To counter cards like Smelling Salts, keep track of how often your opponent has used them and match this amount against the deck limit. Eliminate powerful and dangerously positioned KO’d enemies whenever possible. Stomp a KO’d enemy by moving onto its square or use heroes with execute to remove a defeated enemy hero from the board with their attack. Area effect damage hitting a square also stomps a KO’s hero. Or, summon a Dark Altar to automatically remove all KO’d heroes from the board.

Last but not least, make sure to bring a few cards like Gladius Arc, Arcane Bite or Chaos Arrows that deal pierce damage or use Poison on heroes with armor. While Poison won’t actually deal damage to armored heroes’ Health Points, it will effectively reduce their Armor by 1 point, making it easier to damage them.

Do you have a special tactic or deck you love to use when playing with or against the Council? Share it with the Hero Academy 2 community!