Showing off your moves with the Ketsali!

The Ketsali are a neutral faction in Hero Academy 2 that are all about movement and board control. Besides offering a range of spells that buff or heal heroes, they also have some nasty movement debuffs and a few very strong animals .

Strengths : The Ketsali have an arsenal of unique spells that allow their user to influence their own or their opponent's movement. As such, they are a perfect basis for a deck that relies on map control. They also have some very strong animal type heroes with secondary attributes such as bow or sword that allow for the application of any number of weapons or type-specific buffs. Combined with the right House, the Ketsali can become truly unstoppable. 

Weaknesses : The main focus of the Ketsali are their heroes' special abilities and spell effects. This means that, as a faction, they aren't as straightforward as the rest. Since movement is an integral part of the game that requires some forethought the Ketsali are also not very forgiving when you make mistakes. If you give an essential buff to the wrong hero or push too far, too quickly you may find yourself in trouble.

Ketsali Synergies

Now that we’ve given you a basic introduction to the Ketsali and their concept, let's take a look at how they can be combined with the three houses. 

Council & Ketsali: Fur Balls of Steel  

The Council offer some of the best weapons and animal buffs in the game and the Ketsali have two units that have both the animal and the bow type, which is unique to their faction. By building around this and adding some other nasty card combinations we can create some seriously powerful and uniquely fun decks. 

As a core for one possible animal Council deck we propose to use these three cards:

The plan is to use It'zana Cloudshot , a bow hero with 1 attack power and 4 health as a basis, buff him to 3 attack power and 6 health with the help of Grow and then secure this powerful unit with Wind Walk . At 6 health It'zana will be very hard to kill and with the added 50% dodge from Wind Walk he will be nearly unstoppable. From there we can either use It'zana's powerful ranged attacks to deal damage to the crystal or keep the board clean of enemy heroes while we set up a melee offense. 

Let's take a look at some possible combinations to compliment this deck.

Attack Pony has 1 armor which means we can use Fast & Furious and gain its buff without losing any health! On top of that, Attack Pony 's base movement is already at 3, so with the help of Fast & Furious we will have a unit with 4 movement and charge , which boosts attack power after moving. Our pony will be an absolute menace!

Soul Swap is an extremely powerful card in its own right. It doesn't just allow us to swap the positions of two ally heroes across the entire map it also sets those heroes' attack power to 2. This can be used to buff our own heroes and get them into a better position.

Keep in mind that Soul Swap doesn't add or detract attack power like some spells. Instead, it flat out sets attack power to 2. This means that units with 0 attack power such as Cleric of the Spire or Zephyr Shaman profit most from it! 

Of course these are just some very basic ideas for a Council & Ketsali collaboration! If you'd really like to try out Ketsali, but are unsure about Council, you can also check out our Council guide to learn a bit more about the house and see if it's the right choice for your personal playstyle!

Wardens & Ketsali: Techno Trees  

Our idea for the Warden deck is to combine Veldan’s Promise with cards such as Tongue Bucket or Ursa Knight and keep them alive with the Ketsali’s spells as they grow progressively stronger. The Ketsali offer a wide range of cards that boost our movement or give our heroes extra layers of defense such as shields or dodge , so they are perfect to protect essential heroes.

In order for this strategy to work, it is essential we keep Tongue Bucket safely in the back until he is buffed enough to hold his own. So make sure to use plenty of small, cheap units to keep your opponent busy while you gather momentum. 

Let’s take a look at some useful combinations to round out this deck idea.

We need to keep our opponent busy and make sure to get the most out of Veldan’s Promise at the same time. One way of doing this is to send wave after wave of cheap hero against our opponent. However, without a little bit of planning and the right deck, this will leave us out of cards really quickly. Using Overpopulate to clone one of our heroes is a good way of getting extra units and save some mana and time all at once.

Doom Buggy is a strong hero in his own right but once buffed with Refurbish , he will be a true menace. Add to this the fact that the activation of Refurbish will also trigger Ursa Knight’s or Tongue Bucket’s passive ability and bringing this combination along becomes a no brainer! 

If you are considering using the Ketsali with the Wardens but you want to go a completely different route with your deck or would like some more inspiration before you decide, head on over to our Warden guide !

Dark Elves & Ketsali: Poison Pets  

The Dark Elves have a plethora of poisonous animals at their disposal that work perfectly in combination with the Ketsali animals and complementary buffs such as Swarm or Extra Teeth . For our suggested deck, we use the following combination as a basis:

Our goal is to rush the enemy with our creepy crawlies, apply poison and finish big hitters off with Lord Arranex and his special ability that allows him to deal double damage to all poisoned targets. If we run out of smaller animals, we can use Tarantula’s Fangs as a last resort to give Lord Arranex a further buff and poison our opponent’s key hero. 

Of course simply getting rid of the opponent’s heroes quickly won’t do. We also need to destroy their crystal and be ready to defend ourselves in case Lord Arranex gets taken off the board. Let’s take a look at some possibilities.

Lord Arranex is a strong bow hero. As such, he has excellent offensive and defensive capabilities so long as we keep him safe. This means we don’t always want to get him close enough to attack the enemy crystals, so we need other heroes to cover that particular area. The heroes that are best at destroying crystals and buildings are, of course, hammers. And the Ketsali have Chieftain Oza’Mek , an excellent Hammer unit with 2 attack power and 3 health. Buff him with Legs of the Coyote and he’ll be able to wreak havoc among our opponent’s crystals while Lord Arranex clears the Chieftain’s path. Of course any mana efficient hammer hero will do, so pick your favourite and smash those crystals!


If things ever get too close for comfort for our Lord Arranex , using Swarm in combination with one or two animal heroes is a good way to reposition ourselves around the board and get our core unit back to safety. But Swarm doesn’t just offer extra movement speed, it also grants animals +1 attack power for the turn it is used in, so it’s an excellent addition to any Ketsali animal deck. Try it! 

Do you really want to play the Ketsali but would prefer to combine them with the Dark Elves in some other way and are unsure how to go about it? Check out our Dark Elves guide for further insights!


This concludes our Ketsali guide. As you can see, the Ketsali are a really well rounded out faction that offer something for just about every deck and can easily be combined with the other factions and houses. Could we inspire you to create your own Ketsali deck? Do you disagree with one of our combinations or have more generalized feedback regarding the Ketsali? Let us know what you think and share your ideas!