Patch Notes for Hero Academy 2 Ver. 1.33

Releasing March 13, 2018


Patch Highlights

  • The Ketsali are a new neutral faction with 27 unique new cards to collect!
  • All new friends system!
  • Add and play with your friends!
  • Tons of economy meta changes based on community feedback!
  • Card collection improvements to make searching easier!

The Ketsali

The Ketsali are a faction thematically based off of Mesoamerican cultures like the Mayans and Aztecs. They have several Animal based heroes with a mix of gear types and a Construct hero. Movement is a strong component of the Ketsali and we are hoping that the mix of new cards will give players something they really want to slot into a current deck or base an entirely new deck around.

  • 27 Unique, new cards to collect; including 12 heroes!
  • New Animal heroes that can wield weapons!
  • Tons of movement buffs and debuffs to control the board!

All the upcoming Ketsali cards!

Economy Improvements

We have made sweeping improvements to the economy systems of Hero Academy 2. For a more in-depth look, check out Phobos’ Producers Letter blog regarding all the changes.

  • All card packs from the store now contain 5 cards with a guaranteed Rare or better.
    • Single packs may be purchased with Gold.
    • Pack bundles are purchased with Gems.
  • Duel Chests no longer have a timer and are repeatable.
  • Quests have changed dramatically.
    • Quest timers have been removed.
    • Players now receive one quest per day, with a maximum of 3 quests.
    • All quests have had their rewards increased significantly; rewards are based on the quest’s difficulty.
    • Players may refresh one quest per day to receive a new quest.
  • Daily Login Chest removed.
    • Small Crate rewards have been increased to compensate.
    • Small Crate is available every 4 hours.
  • Crafting has been simplified.
    • Crafting timers have been removed.
    • Random crafting has been removed.
    • The ink cost to craft single cards has been reduced.
    • Players now receive larger ink rewards; e.g. Small Crate.

New Friends System

  • Tap on users in chat to get more information about them or add them as a friend.

    The "More Info" UI
  • You can now challenge in-game friends to friendly matches directly.
  • We’ve overhauled the global and guild chat interfaces to make chat easier to follow.

Card Collection Improvements

  • There is now an “All Cards” section added to the card collection.
  • We’ve added lots of new filters to the collection so you can limit your view to only the cards you're currently interested in.

The new collection Filters.

Balance Changes

  • Unclutter now costs 6 Mana.
    Dev Note: We will continue to watch Unclutter closely. Thank you for all your feedback.
  • Void poke and Void blast can now target heroes with Veil.
  • Cleanse can now remove Veil from heroes.
  • Training challenges are now easier.

Bug Fixes

  • Crystal damage caused by the Ritual power now properly awards Crystal Shards to the opponent towards the Duel Chest.